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Substance Abuse Professional Assessment

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) is a term regulated under the United States’ Department of Transportation (DOT) code; it refers to someone with specific professional qualifications, addictions experience, training, and continuing education credits who acts as the “gatekeeper” for the return to work process. The term SAP is not regulated in Canada and many people who offer services as SAPs, do not have the required professional qualifications, addictions experience, and/or training required under those regulations.

IWS currently has Canada's largest network of DOT-compliant SAPs, and all meet or exceed DOT requirements. IWS provides each organization accountable for employee health and safety, with a model that meets its specific risk management needs; tailoring a comprehensive, professional SAP service which includes:

In additional to our SAP Assessments, we offer a variety of solutions including Structured Relapse Prevention offering 100 weeks of support, treatment facilitation, case management for unannounced drug testing, individual counselling sessions, as well as training, workshops, and webinars related to Substance Use in the workplace.