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E-SAP Training

IWS has developed e-SAP™ a unique online solution to help SAPs meet upcoming DOT training and certification requirements. e-SAP™ offers both the training and exam in one easy-to-use cost effective program. In addition, a full year of access to resources, updates, refresher training, news and online discussion makes this program an invaluable tool for SAPs.

e-SAP™ offers both the training program and examination online as a convenient cost effective solution for SAPs regardless of where you’re located. State of the art learning technology available when and where you want it. The e-SAP™ training program is presented in an exciting interactive web-based format that supports adult learning to help ensure successful completion of the program and the examination. e-SAP™ covers all of the materials prescribed by the DOT, enhanced by numerous resources and links to external sites designed to support your learning. Assessment opportunities have been inserted throughout the program to ensure retention of the information. A unique and innovative drill-down technology allows you to return to those sections where additional review is required.

After completing the training and certification, the program continues to offer you the opportunity to return to the training resources again and again for up to one year. The latest information on changes in DOT regulations and best practices in the field, on-line discussion forum, and virtual library ensure that you have the resources you need at your finger tips. Content and technical experts are available to answer any questions you may have.

For those who have completed their training and exam, e-SAP™ offers the DOT mandated refresher training in a cost effective and convenient format. e-SAP™ has been developed by Family Services Employee Assistance Programs, a leading provider of both EAP and SAP services across North America.

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